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About Redrock Wealth Management

Redrock Wealth Management was founded by Greg Phelps, CFP®, AIF®, CLU®, AAMS® in 2005. Prior to Redrock, he spent 10 years in the financial industry with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and the 5th largest multi-national accounting firm, RSM McGladrey.

During his early years working for major investment and accounting firms, Greg became increasingly disenchanted with the industry’s apathy towards client needs. He knew there was a better—more “client-centric”—approach to helping people reach their life goals, which take both money and planning to achieve.

In 2005, Greg blazed a trail on his own by founding Redrock Wealth Management. From humble beginnings, Redrock now manages roughly $140 million in private client and 401k plan assets.

“My passion is helping todays employees retire earlier—and with more “money confidence”—than they’d ever thought possible.”

~ Greg Phelps, CFP®, AIF®, CLU®, AAMS®

Our Mission Statement

Choosing the right plan advisor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make on behalf of your company and your employees. While there are plenty of retirement plan advisors to choose from, very few are truly comprehensive, fee-only, credentialed, experienced, and skilled in the art of creating the best 401k plan experience possible!

Realizing this, Greg founded Redrock on some basic principles. These principles are still the foundation of everything we are, and everything we do.

Our Core Principles

Unbiased Financial Advice

We never accept commissions or hidden compensation. We provide clients fully disclosed and purely fee-only financial advice and the best 401k plan services possible. As such, our ONLY compensation comes directly from our clients—NOT from selling financial products.

Investment Agnostic

We have access to nearly every investment product, service, and tool necessary to help our clients and their plan participants achieve their financial dreams. Since our clients compensate us directly, we don’t care which products we use, only that our clients reap the maximum benefit.

Fiduciary Approach

Our clients expect—and deserve—the highest standard of care with every interaction. That standard is a fiduciary standard! We always have—and always will—embrace our fiduciary responsibility with honor, prudence and integrity.


As independent financial advisors in Las Vegas, the big insurance or investment firms can’t tell us what’s right for our 401k plans. We’ll decide what’s most appropriate for you together—because we work for you not Wall Street!

The Extra Mile

Our clients entrust us with their (and their employees’) most precious financial goals and dreams. We must constantly be honing our skills and expanding our knowledge through ongoing financial education. This helps ensure we’re on the leading edge and providing the most current and comprehensive 401k plan guidance and management possible.

It’s a lot of talk until you see it in action—we realize that—which is why we invite you in for a free initial consultation with no requirements or obligations. Get to know us during a chat over a cup of coffee or an ice cold soda . . . you won’t be disappointed!

Our Financial Advisors

Greg Phelps

CFP® Financial Advisor

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JB Batiste

CFP® Financial Advisor

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